GRAPHIC series

Lightweight polyester, portable, waterproof, and weighing just 1.4oz each, these groovy bags are available individually or as a series of 5 contained within a handy pouch. With reinforced seams, each surprisingly large bag can hold a weight the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags.
Bag Dimensions (unrolled): 50 cm. x 42 cm.
Bag Dimensions (in pouch): 10 cm. x 4.3 cm.
Weight Capacity: 19.95 kg.
Bag Weight: 39.2 g.
Fabric: Polyester
Mai Tai
Discover a tropical escapade with the exotic floral Mai Tai. Vibrant colors of tangerine, turquoise, sunshine yellow and paradise pink tantalize the senses. Mai Tai was inspired by Polynesia, capturing the lush essence of the wild flora of the land. Feel fresh, luminous and seductive when carrying Mai Tai
Nautical themed Marina is a stylish companion to take on a Mediterranean beach holiday. Light and breezy with a scent of saltwater lingering in the air, this new range is drenched in maritime hues. This line offers a diverse range of textures from simple elegance to ornate patterns reminiscent of sun-bleached Moroccan tiles.
Surf Rider
This beautiful water-inspired range is dedicated to our marine friends!
Take a walk on the wild side with our new Savanna Series collection. Awaken the senses with raw wildness, rich colours and animal prints.
After Dark
After Dark rises up as moonlit, edgy silhouettes of the night. This modern and artistic range features hand-painted illustrations with bold creativity and hints of nature.
Feminine and delicate Rosa is a floral and lace themed range. Opulent details is reflected in the prints featuring lace and roses for a hint of sensuality.
New Optimistic Series aims to deliver a positive outlook through these vivacious, happy-go-lucky bags. Made for those who want to live life to the fullest, Optimistic brings bright colours to a monochromatic world.
Cherry Lane
New Cherry Lane will delight vintage-loving eco-shoppers who savour the simple things in life. Whether you’re riding your bicycle to the market or enjoying a picnic in the park, this will be a bag you cherish.
Day dreaming about shopping in the Big Apple…exploring scenic Sydney…or a romantic rendezvous in Paris, ooh la-la! New Travel Pack celebrates the beauty and essence of these world-class cities. So what are you waiting for? Your adventure is here!
London... Berlin... Cities... Secrets...
Bloom in pops of rich, saturated, romantic floral colors. Inspired by dusk picnics in fragrant blossoming gardens, these new Bloom bags offer a chocolaty palette of smoky tobacco, raspberry pink, and blushing scarlet.
Embrace your inner nomad with colorful ethnic prints reminiscent of exploring bazaars and spice markets. Punchy coral, electric blue, and yolk yellow bring splashes of sunshine to sari inspired paisley prints and decorative geometric patterns.
Infusing multiple looks and styles, Origami is individual, quirky and fun. Influenced by the playful street fashion in Japan where creative fashionistas parade their savvy style. Cute, poppy and a little kooky; be inspired, let your imagination run wild.
Midnight Safari
Like the twinkling stars on a dark night, the Midnight Safari range evokes a little mystique, a little intrigue and a sense of breathless anticipation. The unmistakable tribal influences combined with classic black and white create a range perfect for our lifestyle in the modern urban jungle.
La Boheme
La Boheme has been inspired by a fusion of the romanticism of Bohemia and the ideals of the Art Nouveau movement. This new range is a celebration of Envirosax pushing conventional boundaries, breathing new life into eco-friendly products with a focus on beautiful design.
The Botanica Series is inspired by the earth's beautiful, lush and bountiful rainforests. Bold in colour and imagery, Botanica is a daily reminder of Mother Earth's natural splendor!  In the spirit of raising awareness of the importance of our planet's rainforests and of the threats they face, Envirosax is presenting a series of articles about endangered rainforests around the world. 

Retro Graphic
Flora is a set of colours, patterns and sense of hot Summer in any rainy day.
Inspired by the ornate but simple Japanese style - Envirosax brings you Mikado!
The Monochromatic series exudes inner city style and sophistication. Classic black and white, reflecting timeless style and always in vogue.
Retro, bold, swirling cascades of color alongside geometric hues in purple and black describe the new Candy range. Adding sophistication and glamour to your everyday shopping, the graphics were inspired by Italian designer Emilio Pucci.
Summer days by the sea, lazy walks along the esplanade and warm, balmy sunsets encapsulate the feel of our Oasis. Radiating a blissful happiness, the bright, playful colors, candy stripes and polka dots are a fun way to liven up your summer holiday.
In response to popular demand, the new Oxford series delivers a more masculine edge. Offering traditional plaid & argyle patterns, tough camo styles as well as the street wise GT stripe, the humble reusable bag takes yet another strong fashion direction.
Retro Kitchen
Amazonia dream inside dream inside dream... lost paradise in your universe...