The tote bag brand “ROOTOTE” was born in 2001 in Japan.
Tote bags have been used habitually for years by people all over the world as a tool of carrying things. 
ROOTOTE tote bags are simple, and all of them have a convenient side pocket (called a “ROO POCKET”). In addition to this, its fashionable design and the pursuit of comfortable functions for daily use are feature points. ROOTOTE comes in various interesting designs, and we also produce various collaboration bags and limited edition bags.
Special attention to details 
The edges of the handles are rolled inside and finished with cross-stitches that improve strength. In order to prevent fraying, piping is applied as the trimming of lining. Such special attention to details is the core of ROOTOTE. 
Inner Pocket
When you open the bag, you'll see three pockets right away. If you put a wallet, a cell phone or a commuter ticket inside which you'll take in and out often, you can take them out easily without going through all articles inside.

We call it "ROO POCKET" because it is capable to keep a lot more than it looks just like a kangaroo's pouch. You do not have to open and close the bag every time you take something out. It is good for small things like wallets, pass-cases and mobile phones.

Original slider
The zipper’s slider has ROOTOTE’s original logo. 
It is made of strong brass with refined matte finish.

ROOTOTE Original Tag
Original Rootote comes in either black or white, while collaboration and limited edition comes in red tag.

Roo-shopper Grande

Roo-shopper mini